L'Oreal Paris Pure-Sugar Scrub with 3 Fine Sugars + Cocoa, Face & Lips, For Dry Skin, 50 ml L'Oreal Paris

L'Oreal Paris Pure-Sugar Scrub with 3 Fine Sugars + Cocoa, Face & Lips, For Dry Skin, 50 ml L'Oreal Paris

  • This scrub pairs naturally derived brown, blonde, and white sugars with crushed COCOA, COCONUT OIL, and rich COCOA BUTTER. Our formula gently exfoliates to smooth and nourish your skin.
  • Instantly Reveal Baby-Soft smooth skin. Immediately: Skin feels fresher and looks brighter. Dirt, sebum and impurities are removed. Dead skin is gently polished away. In 1 week: Skin feels refreshed and comforted.
  • Formulated with 3 Fine Sugars + Cocoa
  • For Dry Skin
  • Apply onto clean, dry skin avoiding the eye area. Massage over FACE and/or LIPS with wet fingers. Rinse with water. Use 3 times a week. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately. Do not use on chapped lips. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children.
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This scrub pairs naturally derived brown, blonde, and white sugars with crushed COCOA, COCONUT OIL, and rich COCOA BUTTER. Our formula gently exfoliates to smooth and nourish your skin.

It works great for me. I dont find I have to use lots. I just use a thin layer.
By Justin August 13, 2018
I have used sugar scrubs before and find this L’Oréal Cocoa one to leave nice overall all effect. I have mature skin which tends to be on the dry and flaky side during winter months . Not only did my skin have a soft feel to it but this L’Oréal sugar scrub did a good job on removing buildup of impurities in my pores. This scrub did not over dry my skin, probably due to the coconut oil and cocoa butter which are listed on the ingredients. It also did not irritate or bring on a bout of rosacea unlike some scrubs/face creams and cosmetics might cause. There is a slight pleasant fragrance but not overpowering since I do quite often get allergic reactions to strong scents. Was amazed that I could use it on my lips but then again I tend to make sure my lips are keep moisturized at all times since I cannot stand it when my lips get dry/ flaky. One of pictures show applying the scrub all over the face as if doing a face mask. However the instructions states apply on the face, avoiding the eyes, and massage with wet fingers and the rinse off. The scrub is very thick stiff cream consistency and I found I actually had to use it with more water to be able to massages it over the face and to get it rinsed off I needed to use more water with a bit of face wash to get my face to feel completely clean. So it does “not glide on and rinse off” as easily as stated in the instructions and therefore lowers my overall score by a star.
By Shepherd Haven April 2, 2018
I did not like the 'grapeseed' scrub at all, so I wasn't expecting much from this one and was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong. Scent and texture, it turns out, can make a huge difference. This scrub is gentle and leaves the skin softer, just like the grapeseed, but is infinitely better in every way. It still has that pesky added perfume (which is a tad strong), but here it's a delicious, chocolatey, slightly gingerbread and definitely sweet, heavenly scent that I really loved!

Not only that, but the texture is totally different. Instead of feeling wet, kind of oily and scratchy, this is like a slightly scrubby, dreamy butter that glides over skin without an ounce of discomfort.

My only note would be that I don't really recommend it as a lip scrub (it says not to use on damaged, chapped lips as well). Since it isn't edible I get paranoid about accidentally swallowing it, I prefer a lip scrub that is edible and natural.

However, as a face scrub, I'm definitely going to using this again. The chocolatey scent, creamy texture and overall luxurious feeling makes it a nice treat and it definitely left my skin softer!
By S. Westley March 27, 2018
Firstly, the drawing of the woman's face with the scrub on it, is very misleading. Take a look at the actual photo of the woman with the scrub on her face. That more accurately shows the area where the scrub should be used on your face.
Secondly, out of sheer angst I could easily have given this a one-star 'I hate it' rating. Why? Because now I have to accept the fact that I have just one more sugar addiction. ;-)
I honestly thought that this would be at least slightly abrasive and probably have a sickeningly sweet, chemical type smell.
It actually is a very gentle yet effective scrub with an amazingly delicate and pleasant scent.
The current price of $14.99 seems quite reasonable to me. I think the quality of this product proves itself almost as soon as you open the jar. It's a L'Oréal product and the brand has never let me down. Now all I have to do is refrain from licking my lips while I use it.
By justnanastuff March 21, 2018
I have used other similar products, but this line from l'Oreal are now my favorites.

This scrub is nourished with natural sugars, crushed cocoa, coconut oil and cocoa butter, and is silicon and paraben free.

It left my face and lips feeling smooth and I felt it did a great job of exfoliating my lips as well as my face and neck.

I usually do not like any product that goes near my face that is scented, but this scrub is lightly scented with a pleasant aroma, and once it is washed off it did not linger.

This scrub rinsed off easily and left no residue, but did leave my face, lips and neck soft, and a great moisturized sensation.

It is a lot pricier than other scrubs I have used, however, you only need a small amount as it goes a long way, so it will last longer.
By Selena Robins March 20, 2018
While not designed for human consumption, this product smells so good that you will definitely be tempted. It smells like a nice sugary chocolate treat, but just remember not to give into your temptations.

As a scrub, I was actually really impressed. It didn't feel as abrasive and harsh on my skin as some scrubs, it just glided over my face and worked its magic. I experienced no discomfort, how could I when the product smells so good? It works really well on the skin, and just felt like I was rubbing moisturizer all over my face.
By thychubbz April 2, 2018
I have used this a few times in the last two weeks and I like the performance. There is a sugary, cocoa scent that is alright and does not bother my family. But, people allergic to scents may find it bothersome. The scrub does a decent job and leaves the skin smooth and bright. There is a decent moisturizing effect left behind in the skin.
By Nat Hawthorne April 10, 2018
I am loving the new L’Oréal products.

This is an excellent scrub for face, neck and lips. This time of year I tend to get very dry skin so I’ve now used this 4 days in a row and I see a huge difference. My skin feels smooth and looks brighter and just a more even tone all around.
By Heather Parker March 24, 2018